The Bombay Journey ft. Mrunal Thakur with Siddharth Aalambayan – EP72


Today on #thebombayjourney we have the spectacular Mrunal Thakur who was been seen in movies like Jersey, Dhamaka, and Toofan to name a few! Lots of conversation about her journey from soap operas to movies and how she moved a lot around the country, watch the full episode now!

00:00 – Intro
01:53 – Childhood and college life
10:44 – Breaking into the industry
12:28 – Love Sonia
14:44 – Mrunal on getting work
17:47 – Stories from Powai
21:50 – Local train stories
23:05 – Bombay rains
24:12 – Dating life
25:23 – Being a foodie
28:51 – Mrunal on playing a mother
31:09 – Mrunal on 90’s films
33:58 – Sita Rama
35:58 – Bombay slang

Stylist- Rachyta Majumdar
Outfit – Akabe

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